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Who do I call?

Who do I call if my home or business experiences water damage? The answer is easy, call SERVPRO of Cedar Bluff. It is important to know who to call in the event... READ MORE

Water Damaged Flooring

The floors in this Cedar Bluff, TN home suffered from water damage after a water leak in the kitchen. You will notice your flooring begins to warp and buckle as... READ MORE

Who do I call after my home experiences water damage?

Our SERVPRO of Cedar Bluff team is working hard on a residential water damage restoration and cleanup job in Cedar Bluff, TN. The drying equipment is set up and... READ MORE

Commercial Water Leak

This commercial property in Knoxville experienced a water leak that damaged large areas of the property overnight. Once the morning time rolled around, the wate... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Cedar Bluff - Mold Removal Experts

Our SERVPRO of Cedar Bluff team was called to action after a home in Knoxville experienced a water emergency in the kitchen. When it comes to water damage, it i... READ MORE

My ceiling has water damage, what do I do?

If your Cedar Bluff, TN home or business experiences water damage after a leak or severe weather, you need to know who to call. Letting water damage sit untouch... READ MORE

How do I dry my home after a water loss?

When water penetrates to the subfloor it’s important to dry from top to bottom. Although the floor may seem dry on the top, the subfloor could still be we... READ MORE

What do I do after my building floods?

A flood on your commercial property can potentially cause a number of problems, especially for the continuation of the business. Here are a few tips to help avo... READ MORE

What is Mitigation?

Mitigation means "to lessen," and in our case mitigation lessens the damage. It is important to mitigate your water loss as quickly as possible to minimize the ... READ MORE

Different Ways to Clean Up Water

There are several different ways to clean up and restore your water damage and it all depends on where the water came from. For example, a water loss from a bro... READ MORE